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10-Week Effective Math Tutoring Course


In this 10-week course you will learn

– math content required in K-8 US schools.

– best practices in math pedagogy and instruction.

– how to use online tools and resources for virtual tutors.

– how to measure student success and growth.

– effective engagement strategies to keep learners interested.

– problem-solving and number-sense skills.


The first course is limited to 10 participants only. Each class is one-hour a week with required homework to complete on your own time. You will role-play and interact with other classmates and be trained but the founder of the company and senior leaders of Eurekii.

Upon completion, you may qualify for Eurekii certification and an opportunity to work for us as a math tutor. You can use the Eurekii certification to apply for other math tutoring positions but most importantly, start to build the skills you need to become an effective math tutor.


CLASSES BEGIN LATE FEBRUARY 2023. Times will depend on registrant’s availability.
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