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Spring PSAT/SAT Prep

SAT Subject:

SAT Math only, SAT English only, Full SAT (math and English)


Class Type:


10 Classes, Biweekly

Class Length:

90 minutes

Held On:

Starts April 25th

Taking the PSAT or the SAT in the fall or spring, or even next year? Practice and learn in a low-stress environment and start to familiarize yourself with the content required to perform well. We will use your prior test scores as a benchmark and track progress! Once you understand what’s required, you’re going to be confident walking in to take the test. Recommended for 8th through 12th graders.

This class includes five weeks of learning sessions and two proctored exams at the beginning and end of the class. Class sessions meet from 7-8:30 Mondays (Math) and Wednesdays (English) for five consecutive weeks (April 25th-May25th). Once a minimum of three students have registered your selection will be confirmed and you will receive detailed information about the course.

Minimum of 3 students to run.


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