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Looking for fun, challenging puzzles that use multiple skills to solve?
Give these samples a try and let us know how you do!

Answer: Austin, Emily, Rob, Kaylee, Leanne

Explanation: Compare the five heights and arrange them from greatest (tallest) to least (shortest). The order is: Austin (44 inches), Emily (42 inches), Rob (41 inches), Kaylee (38 inches), and Leanne (35 inches).

Common Core Standards: 1.MD.A.1 | 1.OAA.1| 1.NBT.B.3 |SMP 2 | SMP 3

Teacher Notes: Consider cutting strips of receipt paper to match the lengths to help children visualize the different heights. Ask children to put the heights on a number line.

Extension: Have children work with a partner to measure their own heights. Then arrange the class in order from tallest to shortest. Create a graph to represent the data.

Answer: False

Explanation: To find the total number of people who voted, you need to add up the votes for each flavor: chocolate (8), vanilla (5), lemon (3), strawberry (1), and pumpkin (6). 8 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 6 = 23. 23 is an odd number, so the answer is False.

Common Core Standards: 2.MD.10 | 2.OA.1 | SMP 2 | SMP 5

Teacher Notes: Discuss the value of half of a symbol. Ask children, “If a whole cupcake represents 2 votes, how many votes do you think a ½ a cupcake represents?” You can use counters to show 2 counters for 1 cupcake and if you were to split the cupcake in ½ then each ½ gets 1 counter or 1 vote.
Extension: How many more people voted for chocolate and vanilla than the other three flavors? (13-10 = 3 more people)

Answer: 9 ants

How to: Lara saw 54 legs. Ants have 6 legs each, so she saw 9 ants (54/6=9). Johnathan saw 36 antennas. Ants have 2 antennas each, so he saw 18 ants (36/2=18). The difference in the number the two kids saw is 9 (18-9=9), so Johnathan saw 9 more ants than Lara.

Common Core Standard: 3.OA.2, 3.OA.8, SMP2, SMP6

Teacher Notes: Use counters, coins, or other manipulatives to support student thinking.
Extension: How many ants did they see in all?

Answer: 126 feet

How to: The giant sequoia is 294 feet tall (7×42=294). The pine tree is 168 feet tall (4×42=168). To compare the two heights, subtract 294-168=126 feet, so the giant sequoia is 126 feet taller than the pine tree.

Common Core Standard: 4.OA.1, 4.OA.2, SMP1, SMP2

Teacher Notes: Emphasize the multiplicative comparison aspect of this problem.
Extension: Every foot of tree can be turned into 1,000 pieces of paper. How many pieces of paper can be made from all three trees combined?

more than 400 puzzles to choose from!

A puzzle pack includes:

  • 50 visual/critical thinking puzzles that cover all of the needed content for grade standards
  • One puzzle for each week of the year
  • Additional extension and support opportunities
  • Choice of downloadable and workbook format
  • Answer explanations
  • Video answer explanations coming soon
  • Workbooks and teacher guides coming soon

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