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Discover a Passion for Learning

With experiences that are fun, rigorous, and engaging.


In-Person or Virtual

Choose from classes which you can take in person or virtually! Our proprietary classes teach challenging concepts in an engaging way, all while practicing 21st century skills such as decision-making, self-advocacy, communication, and leadership.

One-on-One Tutoring

In-Person or Virtual

Research indicates that one-on-one tutoring is the best way to advance quickly. Our children immerse themselves in our one-of-a-kind creative learning environment and enjoy interactive activities that incorporate movement, critical-thinking, grit, and play.

For Schools

In-Person or Virtual

Like our classes? Bring them to your school! We run custom programs both in-person or online. We can also train your educators to do the same. Student joy, engagement, learning, and gains are signature to all of our results-driven programs.

Great Experience = Strong Outcomes

The Eurekii Difference


promotes brain growth and connections


reduces anxiety and increases motivation


ensures engagement


result-driven for accountability


choice, passions, and goals are part
of the plan

What's New?

I’ve seen my daughter get stronger and more confident in these last few months. She has a whole different attitude now towards math!
– Marie E., parent of a middle-school student

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