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Transform your school’s math program

Move your math capacity needle with Eurekii’s customized programs.

We help schools meet their math growth goals with proven, innovative programs tailored specifically to your school’s needs.

Our approach blends expert math training and tutoring with fun, rigor, creativity, and choice. It’s the perfect combination to help you build math capacity and inspire your students and math staff to embrace their potential.

Case Studies

Push your learners to the next level

Build your staff’s math content knowledge

Increase your student expectations

Improve your students’ math scores

Flexible in-person or virtual options

Build a pipeline by training math educators

Your school’s needs, strengths, and challenges are unique.
Your math improvement strategy should be, too.

We start by observing your math teachers, tutors, and paraeducators to understand your existing math capacity and culture. We listen to you and analyze your curriculum and scores. Then we customize our proven programs for your school to create the best, most effective approach to make sure your students and educators thrive.

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We understand the pressure to improve math scores.

We know that public and charter schools are under pressure for better math scores yet are understaffed and under-resourced. You need additional math capacity but can’t find or keep good math teachers. Your paraeducators and substitutes aren’t trained to tutor or teach math. And your existing staff lacks math content, pedagogy, or confidence in teaching it.

You have students who need enrichment who are getting left behind for lack of attention or challenge. Those same students can give your school’s math scores a lift if they just had that extra push.


Complete our short quiz to determine the health of your school’s math capacity. Eurekii will respond with customized, free recommendations on how you can build math capacity in your school.

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Eurekii 3D

Our three-part formula is a custom solution to your unique math capacity challenges. We offer schools high-caliber math tutoring programs, training for math staff and paraeducators, and small-group focus to improve your students’ math scores and skills.

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Teacher Training

Build teachers’ math and pedagogy confidence to increase rigor in their classrooms

Paraeducator Training

Increase support staff’s math abilities to fill your tutor and teacher pipeline

Expert Tutoring

Enrich your motivated students and watch your math culture transform

Our Proven Approach

Helping students achieve results in math is equal parts common sense and brain science. We know that students learn best – and retain knowledge – when math is fun. Our challenging curriculum includes games that erase math anxiety and create math lovers.

Our Research


to engage and motivate

Learning Science

to optimize understanding

Content Pedagogy

centered around foundational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving


to advance brain development

Our Work

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

conversation and sharing beyond the work

Choice and Voice

students choose and have a say

Growth and Mindset

there are no mistakes, just learning opportunities


lowers anxiety and increases dopamine release

In-School Tutoring

Distinct from Eurekii 3D, our in-school virtual tutoring options takes your small-group intervention blocks to the next level. Our expert tutors use challenging lessons and fun games to excite your students about math. We tailor our tutoring to your teachers and curriculum, using pre/post testing, weekly student engagement trackers, and semester surveys for students and teachers to get you the results you need.

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