Phyllis Hillwig

Team Leader: Founder, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Fun Facts:  Phyllis was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She started her MBA training at the age of six, working in her family’s Chinese restaurant. She learned about customer service, burning rice, and how to fold napkins in the shape of a bird. Professionally, Phyllis has started four education companies and has built award-winning products for major education publishers. Her passion is watching the lightbulb go off when a student understands something new.

Specialized Grades: K-12 and Higher Education, Professional Development in Mathematics Education

Content Areas: Mathematics, Mathematics Education

Degrees: Ed.D., M.A., Columbia University; Mathematics B.S. Lafayette College

Awards: Charles A. Dana Scholar, Minority Group Scholar, Andrew Mellon Scholar

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Specialized Grades: Pre-K to 8
Content Areas: English, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies
Degree(s): BA Elementary Education, Math Concentration – Towson University

Leah is the Assistant Director of Eurekii. She has a brother named Luke and a collection of llama-themed mugs (not to be confused with baby Yodas). When not tutoring or hiking, Leah can be found exercising or making nutritious meals that would make any celebrity chef jealous. We joke that Leah does it all: she hires employees, schedules students, trains our team, and always makes sure we have an endless supply of colored markers.


Specialized Grades: 3-12
Content Areas: Mathematics (all levels), English, Spanish, and Math SAT Prep
Degree(s): BS Mathematics, Minor Spanish – Morgan State University (2022)

Ken is our lead musician. Seriously, the guy is in the award-winning Morgan State University Marching Band and plays three instruments! Whether it’s music or math, Ken is a tutor of many talents. When he is not helping a student look at something from a different perspective, you can find him playing video games or bowling.


Specialized Grades: K-6
Content Areas: Elementary Education (Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Science, Social Studies)
Degree(s): BS Kinesiology – UMD, College Park; MAT Elementary Education – Towson University (2022)

Brooke is the sports guru of the group. She loves watching and talking about sports! She is a huge Ravens, Orioles, Terps, and US Soccer fan. She was in the athletic training and sports medicine fields before having a career change of heart and deciding to become a teacher! Brooke also enjoys playing the piano, going to the beach, playing tennis, traveling, snuggling with her cats, and reading a good mystery book.

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Specialized Grades: K-8
Content Areas
: Elementary Education, Chemistry
Degree(s): BS Elementary Education – Towson University (2023)

Destiny is interested in all things educational! In addition to tutoring, she has written curriculum, worked on training videos, put together Math All Around boxes in her basement, and created puzzles for our youngest students to enjoy. You can find Destiny working with our small group classes and sitting on the floor, playing and learning with our kids.


Specialized Grades: 3-12
Content Areas: Math, Biology, English, and Chemistry
Degree(s): BS Biology, Minor Chemistry – UNC Chapel Hill, MA Science Education Loyola University (2021)

If you’ve ever run for exercise, you might just have run by Holly! After all, if she’s not tutoring, she’s busy running marathons and playing with her rescue dog, Sonny. She’s been passionate about education since she was in elementary school and she loves teaching and helping students. She’s currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Science Education and will be helping Eurekii students make lava lamps, fly airplanes, and discover the cure for the next pandemic!


Specialized Grades: K-6
Content Areas
: Elementary Education, Math, Reading, Arabic
Degree(s): Associate of Arts in Teaching, Elem. Ed/Elem. Special Ed – Anne Arundel Community College, BS Elementary Education – Towson University (2022)

Yasmeen loves kids! She one of five children and likes to hang with her brothers and sisters by playing soccer, streaming shows on Netflix, and relaxing! She loves to plan fun lessons and building relationships with students and making connections with them. A travel lover, she has been to Jordan, Qatar, and France! Watch out though, Yasmeen loves riddles and jokes so when you see her, she may just stump you with one!


Specialized Grades: Middle and High school
Content Areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, STEM, YA Dystopian fiction
Degree(s): BA Biology and outdoor education minor, MS Biology

Kelley is an experienced middle school teacher, having taught for 12 years in independent schools. Besides classroom teaching she has worked as a museum educator at the Museum of Science, Boston (where she operated the world’s largest air-insulated Van der Graff generator) and as a marine science instructor on Catalina Island. When not inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders, Kelley enjoys throwing on her roller skates, some headphones, and hitting the pavement.


Specialized Grades: 3-12
Content Areas: Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Organization and Executive Function, and SAT/ACT prep
Degree(s): BS Double Major in Biology and Animal Studies, minor in Deaf Studies – Towson University (2021)

Cam is a multi-faceted woman! She’s an animal lover, a model, a past American Sign Language president, and gifted tutor! She loves being outside and going on hikes, but also enjoys reading a good book. Harry Potter is a favorite! When she’s not working, she’s cooking or baking, snuggling with her cat Ginger, and stretching to get rid of all the kinks.


Specialized Grades: 3-12
Content Areas: Mathematics (all levels), Math ACT and SAT Prep
Degree(s): AS Mathematics – Harford Community College; BS Mathematics, Secondary Education Concentration – Towson University (2022)

If it involves math, coffee, or cats, Christian’s down. Math has been his favorite subject his entire life. His passion is to help students unlock their potential genius and inspire others to see the beauty of mathematics in the world around us. When Christian is not tutoring, you can find him exploring with his dog, Lemon, and taking care of his many foster cats.


Specialized Grades: K-10
Content Areas: Biology, Chemistry, Elementary and Middle School Math
Degree(s): AS Chemistry – Montgomery College (2020), Elementary Education – Towson University (2023)

Aidan is a chemist that loves to teach young minds. He graduated with an associates degree in Chemistry and is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. In his downtime, you can find him competing in card tournaments or perfecting his cartwheel!

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