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Five Must-Haves of a Great Tutor

Over two years ago, COVID arrived, and since then, the world has been grappling…

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Four 2022 Predictions From the Frontlines

Throughout 2021, we’ve heard from our students, families, and the teachers and…

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Top 5 Breaking Announcements

While many of you have been enjoying the summer, we’ve been busy at Eurekii doing…

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10 Fun Activities to Keep Your Brain Sharp

“It’s SUMMERTIME!” and it’s about time that we are now able to get back to…

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The Most Important Skills for Success That Are NOT Taught

As we get ready to close one of the toughest school years ever faced, one could…

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What Video Games Can Teach Us About Engagement in Education

If there was one industry outside of healthcare that thrived during the pandemic,…

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Secrets to Raising Resilient Children

Imagine this scenario: Your child comes home one day and says, “I’m DONE! I can’t:…

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What Does Research Say About Tutoring’s Impact on Learning Loss?

Biden recently passed the greatest one-time federal investment - $130 billion…

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The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Movement—and Why You Should Pay Attention

The recent increase of violence against Asian Americans prompted NBA basketball…

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Discovery’s Importance for Tomorrow’s Skills

According to Merriam-Webster, Discover means to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time. Without a doubt, there were many new discoveries post COVID that we’ve experienced as a society.