This really depends on your child. Some children just don’t respond to virtual learning, and they will do better with an in-person experience. Others do very well online. Either way, we meet them where they are and get them excited about our work.

Ah, you’ve found one of the ways we’re unique! Our tutors work as a team. So any one of us can pick up the notes on a student and work with that child at any time. We train our tutors rigorously to be highly qualified, so sometimes it comes down to which personality works for your child. We get it! If you have to cancel an appointment, we understand. We allow for convenience and flexibility and know juggling multiple schedules can be a challenge!

Absolutely! We have a very generous referral program. You will get benefits if you bring in another child, a friend, or provide a referral to us in any way.

While every child is different, we think you’ll see an improvement in understanding as early as the first session. Within the first month, we will create an action plan and set and follow key goals. At that time, you’ll see improvement in both class grades and real understanding.

Many families use Eurekii as an “insurance policy” in case their student needs help during the school year. Some sign up for six months to meet a particular goal, like school acceptance, and others pay for a package they use as-needed. We are happy to work with you to find a program that maximizes your child’s learning.

We are priced competitively based on the services we provide. For every one-on-one session, you receive additional time for lesson planning, prepping, detailed progress reporting, and regular communication with the school and teachers. We offer a complete solution and provide measurable results.

For those families in need of financial assistance, we do have a scaled pricing program. Please contact us to find out more information.

We’re pretty picky! We focus on finding, vetting, and training employees that fit in with our culture, which promotes a love of learning. To get through the door, you have be smart and intuitively understand how to connect with kids. Tutors often shadow other successful tutors before they’re invited to work with students. We invest a lot of time in cultivating our staff, and we’d bet you’ll be able to tell.

You’re right! Rather than putting kids in a school-like setting, we focus on finding tutors with different perspectives to make lessons come alive. Our students trust our tutors, and love how they complement their teachers. You’ll know our approach works when you see our results! And don’t forget, we guarantee those results.

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