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Build Your Pipeline

Having trouble finding qualified math teaching and support staff? Find out below how Eurekii can help.

We provide targeted professional development

For your long-term substitute teaching staff

Substitutes receive weekly training on the content knowledge and pedagogy needed to effectively teach the class.

Substitute teachers

We train your existing paraeducators

With best-practices in math instruction

Paraeducators receive monthly targeted professional development to become effective tutors in small groups, while supporting the teacher’s classroom instruction.

We help build your math coach pipeline

Through your community

We recruit, train, and qualify community members to become effective, in-person support staff with the goal of building a solid, sustainable pipeline of future educators.

Here's How

1. Recruit

We work with your leaders to message your community about becoming a math coach!
We collect the data and reach out to the candidates to determine availability, interest, and experience.

2. Train

Using our resources, trainees can begin training as soon as possible with self-guided, in-person, and virtual live training modules. The training modules fall into three main categories: effective engagement, content and pedagogy, and accountability.

Many students have been disengaged for too long. Our engagement strategies include a blend of psychology, learning theory, content knowledge, and fun. Tutors learn to be approachable and relatable. They learn to start with concepts, connections, visualization, and simple examples. Tutors learn how to encourage a growth mindset, provide positive and constructive feedback, and make learning relevant.

The Praxis math exam will be the primary tool for math content training. Tutors will take a deep dive into content and pedagogical knowledge required for each grade and/or discipline. Tutors will spend time going through standards documents, curriculum, and released test questions to get a sense of what is expected of students in each grade and subject.

Tutors will take pre- and post- tests, practice on their own, and provide evidence of content proficiency. Tutors learn effective math pedagogy skills through videos, role-play, widely-accepted resources, and tools to build number sense and conceptual understanding. We will also use our proprietary multi-dimensional puzzles, proven to train our tutors quickly on how to think mathematically, review skills, and build number sense using models and visuals.


Second and Third Grade (Above)

Fourth and Sixth Grade (Above)

A hallmark of Eurekii’s training is accountability. Tutors will know how to track student growth and understanding. 100% of the schools we work with have seen student growth in mathematics based on our training methods.

3. Qualify

Schools get a list of recommended qualified tutors who are ready to work with your students based on pre-and post-test scores, engagement and relatability scores as well as pedagogical proficiency in the targeted grade-levels with strong understanding of student accountability.

4. Monitor

Through tracking and additional professional development, we ensure the qualified tutors hired continue their training and demonstrate effectiveness with the students they work with.

Our Qualifications

Training paraeducators to be effective math tutors is the heart of our work. We have successfully built math tutoring teams to provide thousands of tutoring hours across the state of Maryland and nationwide.


We determine where candidates are most comfortable and proficient in math. Then we blend their content understanding with best practices in math pedagogy, motivational learning theory, and effective tutoring strategies to make a measurable impact with selected groups of students.


Phyllis and team recruited, trained, and recommended tutors that are invaluable to Rosemont. The huge advantage is the tutors are trained to aid students' mathematical strategies, but the tutors understand our students socially, because in many cases they are from the same community and have faced the same social and economic challenges as the students.

Their weekly professional development gave my existing long-term subs who were not trained math teachers the tools they needed to feel confident and support students with multiple strategies in math learning.

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