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One-on-One Tutoring

Our students enjoy interactive activities that incorporate movement, critical-thinking, grit, and play. We offer tutoring in-person and virtually.

One-of-a-kind creative learning environment

Your child will have fun and learn a lot along the way!

Our unique approach to one-on-one tutoring accelerates student learning and brings joy in the process. We plan each session well ahead of time so that your child will be surprised each time with a personalized learning experience!

Additional Benefits

At Eurekii, understanding the material is just the start. Our students also work on 21st century skills that lead to success in life.

Practice people skills

Present and explain your work to others at any time.

Build confidence

Actively work rather than just passively listen.

Strengthen growth mindset

Struggle productively, make mistakes, and learn.

Adapt and be flexible

A must in this new, fast-changing world.

Enjoy challenges

Get comfortable with new concepts and work through challenges and unknowns.

Pricing and Options

Choose from full (50-minute) or half (25-minute) sessions, each with an additional 15-30 minute of tutor pre-planning and follow-through. Sessions can be purchased in packages of 5, 10, 20, and 40 session blocks. Ad Hoc sessions are also available. Contact us below for our current pricing.

All of our one-on-one sessions include:

What Parents Say

We tried every solution. Math and tears were common. Sho was multiple grades behind. In less than a year, she’s caught up. Now, she’s in middle school, comes for enrichment now, and gets As in math! She loves it and we are so grateful.


Jeremiah always struggled with math, and I was concerned about his progress in high school. Signing him up for summer sessions really got him prepared. He has yet to get under an 89 in math so far this year and that has NEVER happened before. Thank you!

*Note: Names and/or photos were changed to protect privacy.



PreK-6, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Integrated Math, IB Math* Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Statistics*, Calculus*




PreK-6, Middle School Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences, STEM Fun, Robotics


PreK-6, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Research, Writing, English Literature, World History*, US Government*, Psychology, Geography


Spanish 1, 2, Honors Spanish*

Success Skills

Self-Advocacy, Planning, and Organization,

*Special topics include AP, Honors, Test Prep, and IB courses

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Choose a program we have, or let us customize one for your child.

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