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Build Instructor Pipeline: Rosemont Elementary School


Rosemont Elementary Middle school needed time to find math teachers and support staff. The original task was to bring in many tutors, however, that solution was expensive, not scalable, and did not fix their instructor pipeline challenge.


Working with the school, Eurekii recruited, qualified, and trained eight people from the school community to support students while positions were being filled. Tutors went through content and pedagogical training as well as best-practice tutoring techniques. Four candidates were recommended for hire based on math content pre- and post-test results, as well as their ability to effectively tutor. The other four were not recommended but are now supporting their community with their new math understanding.


By recruiting from the community, the school identified those who have connections with the school and students, making it easier for the tutors to stay with the school. The four recommended tutors became successful, full-time paraprofessionals.