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Math and English Summer Intervention: University of Maryland School of Nursing Summer Program


University of Maryland School of Nursing ran summer programs for underserved middle school students. The program included two weeks of college and career mentorship as well as academic support. Many of the students were disengaged with traditional learning methods, so the University was looking for a partner to engage students with math and English in a much more creative way.


Eurekii gave students a pre-test in both English and Math to know which areas to focus on. Students then spent two weeks working on a creative project practicing skills they needed based on the test. In English, they worked on defining and developing a character, and writing about the character’s traits, life, hobbies, and interests. Through their character development, they practiced writing and reading comprehension skills. For math, each student created their own animal within math parameters to reinforce key middle school math skills.


Over 91% of the students reported enjoying the camp and over 72% reported an increase in math and English skills. Pre- and post-test results showed an increase of over 59%.