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Provide Math Instruction: New Era Academy


New Era Academy High School was not able to find a qualified math teacher for Algebra 1 or Probability and Statistics. Their current long-term substitute did not have the content or pedagogy knowledge to effectively instruct students. Their current substitute was eager to learn math and the school saw this as an opportunity to strengthen her skills.


Eurekii provided live, virtual instruction during each class period. Eurekii instructors were responsible for the lesson plan, homework assignments, quizzes and tests with answer keys for the substitute to grade. The substitute ensured students were logging on, confirmed attendance and participation, and facilitated the completion of classwork, quizzes, and homework. The substitute was also able to engage with students afterwards about the content learned.


Surveys showed most students reported learning the same or more math than prior years and enjoyed the classes. Pre- and post-test results confirmed student participation and growth.