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Five Must-Haves of a Great Tutor

Over two years ago, COVID arrived, and since then, the world has been grappling…

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My Four Favorite TED Talks on Education

We are taking the joy out of learning real math, and in this TED talk, one of America’s most popular math educators does a brilliant job explaining the problem and why it is important for us to do something about it.


The Eight Math Practices and Why Everyone Should Know Them

In every industry and field of study, there is always a set of best practices or rules that are the results of years of research, expert analysis, and international test comparisons that ensure the best and most accurate outcomes.


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The Four Realities of Common Core Math

You’ll hear parents say, “Math is math! Why does my third grader have to explain how to multiply 2 x 3 when it’s obvious?” The answer is: Common Core.


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Top Five Must-Haves To Prep for the ACT and SAT in Math

With more than three million students taking the SAT and ACT tests each year, it’s no surprise that this fuels a lucrative test prep market. Parents who can afford to do so spend thousands of dollars on test prep companies and private tutors to handhold their students through the testing process.