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A Proven Approach to Learning

Eurekii’s mission is to ensure every child thrives academically and becomes an eager, lifelong learner.

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Change your child’s outlook on learning.

With the right mix of fun, rigor, creativity, and choice, we are able to engage students effectively.

Our methodology uses best practices from psychology, content pedagogy, and learning theory to bring experiences that produce joy, engagement, and learning gains which are signature to all our results-driven programs. We’ve worked with children who are bored, gifted, learning-challenged, or in need of a little support to get back on track. Our approach has been effective with all learners because their goals and passions are part of the program design.

See the Results


of students are more confident in fewer than six sessions


of students show improvement in fewer than eight sessions


of students are at grade level or beyond


of students test into their first-choice school

What Parents Say

Jamie and Mia started Eurekii two years ago, and since then, they have been on the accelerated track in their math classes. It’s a great investment in their future.

Brother and Sister

I saw my daughter Jane struggling, and I wanted her to have the confidence I never had. Now, she helps her friends, found her voice in math, and says she likes word problems! My son is now coming too!

Brother and sister

*Note: Names and/or photos were changed to protect privacy.

What We Offer

Eurekii provides enrichment classes, one-on-one tutoring, small group tutoring, homework help, test-prep, and study lounge.


In-Person or Virtual

From slime and robots to SAT prep, our interactive classes guarantee fun and results. Register online or customize a class with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 students.

One-on-one tutoring

One-on-One Tutoring

In-Person or Virtual

Our tutoring includes 100% guaranteed improvement, built-in progress reports, communication with schools, customization during session prep, and regular progress check-ins. 

Study Lounge

In-Person or Virtual

Stay focused and productive in our new study lounge! Tutors may be available for a quick question or you can schedule an ad hoc tutoring session if you need one.

Tell Your School!

If you’d like us to support your school with tutoring, homework help, enrichment classes or more, let us know.
We may be able to support your child for free!

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