The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Movement—and Why You Should Pay Attention

The recent increase of violence against Asian Americans prompted NBA basketball…

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Discovery’s Importance for Tomorrow’s Skills

According to Merriam-Webster, Discover means to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time. Without a doubt, there were many new discoveries post COVID that we’ve experienced as a society.


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Racial Inequality Within the Education Field

Given recent events, I have been debating whether to discuss my thoughts and feelings toward racial inequality. After seeing our beautiful students coming back to our center this week, I realize that it is time for me to speak out on this growing issue.


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High-quality summer programs help reduce learning loss

Research shows that high-quality summer programs help reduce learning loss. Keep your child’s brain sharp in a fresh and fun way with our Summer Enrichment Camps!


Coronavirus’ Impact on Education and What We Can Learn from China

With the recent school closings, many wonder how education could change for their children. We look to China for some answers. With well over 80,000 cases, and as the first country to be hit with the virus, massive infrastructure changes were made to address the need for continued education.